About Us

Company History

The Christmas Light Pros was founded in 1998, and has been a growing and successful enterprise since the time of inception. The company was founded on the beliefs and ideals that the owners have carried internally in every business approach in their vast experience.

The first three years of operation were so successful that The Christmas Light Pros needed to decide on a growth model that would not only meet the enormous level of demand for the services offered, but also to maintain the valuable integrity of the reputation of such a service-oriented business. This was done by establishing a network of installers across the country. A result of these strategies, when combined with our impeccable level of service, is that The Christmas Light Pros is the fastest growing holiday lighting business in the United States.

Services Offered

The Christmas Light Pros offers a wide array of services in regards to seasonal light displays. Despite the unique quality of each decorative project, The Christmas Light Pros’ services can be loosely grouped into two categories:


The company will trim trees on your lot, outline the lines of your home, and basically add a touch of holiday spirit to any existing fixture that warrants attention. It’s easy to go too far with any decorative effort, but The Christmas Light Pros has the experience to maximize the visual quality of your display without sacrificing taste and subtlety.


The Christmas Light Pros has worked with scores of businesses, ranging from small companies to 50,000 square foot strip malls. Much like residential work, no two situations are exactly the same, but our expertise will allow us to maximize your decorative efforts and to minimize your costs.



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